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Unplugging Blah Blah Blah

By mindfultourist

You know what’s been chafing my nerves lately? (If you thought “her inner thighs,” you’d be right but my lack of attention to pilates is none of your concern at the moment, thank you very much.) No, it’s the surplus of travel articles in which the author decides to boldly go into the deep... »

Travelers to Mexico Can Breathe Easy

By mindfultourist

Good news, Captain.  If you’re traveling to the “D.F.” or as many Mexicans call it, ”Mexico,” (meaning Mexico City; and yes, it’s confusing when you’re in Monterrey, Mexico and someone asks if you’ve been to “Mexico” – like, duh, yeah?), you will not be as overwhelmed by the poor air quality as you would have been... »

Another Casualty in the Iraq War: Babylon

By mindfultourist

Today’s Washington Post adds a new and sick twist to the Iraq war: the destruction by U.S. forces of the ancient city of Babylon.  Of course, this goes way beyond tourism – this is a heinous offense and one that could have easily been avoided.  Are you like us and don’t know much about Babylon?  Here’s the overall picture... »

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