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“The beans, the ground beef, it was torture!”

By mindfultourist

What a nightmare.  The New York Times is reporting (via the AP) that there’s been a miner involved in a chili disaster.  What type of chili disaster we can only imagine: too spicy? not enough onions? or, could it be… vegan??? Luckily, the miner survived although I doubt he’ll be firing up the crock... »

This Week’s New York Times: Homestay in Guatemala and a Low Opinion for Slum Tourism

By mindfultourist

Whenever we travel, we don’t feel like writing about travel – ironic, no?  So, since we just got back from a nice road trip in Chile, we’ll leave you with the following two articles from this week’s New York Times: 1.    An opinion column on the nastiness of slum tourism.  We’ve written about this... »

Frugal Traveler DC Baby-Centric Story Leaves a Lot to be Desired

By mindfultourist

In one of the most inane traveler stories we’ve read in a while, the NYT Frugal Traveler takes his infant daughter for a day trip to Washington, DC.  From the ludicrous reasoning to spend 8 hours total in one day on a bus (so the 10 month old will know she can “rely on... »

Galapagos: People or Eco-System and Do We Have to Choose?

By mindfultourist

Simon Romero of the New York Times writes about the Galapagos Islands’ problem of overpopulation and increased immigration, a trend that is affecting the islands’ eco-system and contributing to the decision to place the islands on the United Nations’ list of endangered heritage sites in 2007. Increased tourism over the past two decades has... »

Pay for Our Travel: We Promise to Love it

By mindfultourist

The more bloggers there are, the more questions there become about their relationships with sponsors, the freebies they may receive, and the objectivity of their posts.  Here’s a good New York Times summary of the ethics involved. For our part, if you would like to provide us with airline tickets, free nights at a... »

Bulldozing Over Cultures in China

By mindfultourist

We’ve already been informed that The Mindful Tourist is one of the many websites blocked by the Chinese government (and quite frankly, we feel honored.  Thanks, China!), and we don’t think our  discussing the latest cultural catastrophe the Chinese are committing will make them change their minds. While we sit fretting over the new... »

How to Act Like a Rich Person

By mindfultourist

Aww, these poor little rich kids want to travel guilt-free. Idn’t dat pwethouth? So, there they are, spending $10,800 per person on a luxury African safari where they learned about the Maasai , efforts in reforestation, and something called “AIDS.” Look, if you want to travel and you have the money, do it. Just... »

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