Mobile Advertising and marketing: Why, for which, and also how?

To separate on your own from your competitors, mobile marketing may be the service. Despite the fact that increasingly more companies are launching marketing campaign on cellular phone, through SMS or MMS, this tool stays little made use of. Here’s how to approach this brand-new prospecting network serenely.

Mobile advertising and marketing enables you to reach your customers or leads by means of a cellphone. In short, it has to do with sending text, by means of Mobile marketing , and also images or video clip through MMS. But before you get started, identify the sort of operation you wish to carry out. “SMS is commonly utilized for direct marketing procedures and MMS for interaction projects,” says Alexandre Mars, p-dg of PhoneValley, a company concentrating on mobile marketing projects. And also to clarify, “SMS is much better matched to clients who currently know the brand”. On the other hand, when it involves presenting it to potential customers, the MMS is more effective

Choose a file

As with any kind of straight advertising procedure, mobile marketing is no exception: every marketer has to recognize who he or she wants to address. The market today has a database of 4 million telephone numbers efficient in receiving TEXT. Considering that the variety of MMS-enabled terminals is rather reduced, the consumer base on which multimedia operations are viable is consequently less important: just over one million numbers. The trouble of carrying out mobile advertising and marketing campaigns commonly forces business to undergo providers to lease address data. The latter are comprised by telephone drivers, Internet portals … The hirers offer, on top of that, a fairly great division of their files: sex, age, postcode, socio-professional classification.

Create the message

If there is a optimum of 160 personalities in an SMS message, there is no should utilize acronyms such as “KDO” for ” present” in order to save space. “It is feasible to make use of” tu “for a young target market, but we need to avoid going further,” claims Alexandre Mars (PhoneValley). You could also leave the call information of the business, yet absolutely nothing necessary. “It’s interesting to give the phone number of a call facility, to place a link to a website, but all of it depends on the message you want to make clear,” claims Alexandre Mars. As for making use of the picture in MMS, it normally contains a sequence of images. You can consist of up to six, the good number being three or 4. Undoubtedly, nothing is used to drown the recipient with too many pictures as much as the weight of the file will be as necessary. Obviously, the first image must trigger the recipient to check out the whole message. For videos, the fad is for places of twenty to thirty secs. Past that, the weight is, once again, too heavy, as well as the picture, too compressed, is of average top quality.

Finding the Correct time

The destination of the laptop depends on the fact that the prospect is affixed in all times. A mobile advertising project must as a result accompany the activities of your target. So, sending a promo on DVDs on Saturday mid-day, a great time to store, is smart. Please keep in mind that sending SMS and also MMS is managed by the Legislation on Confidence in the Digital Economic situation, dated 21 June 2004. It is forbidden to release straight marketing campaigns in between 9 am and 8 pm on weekdays and also Sundays and public vacations

Master the prices

On average, the cost of producing a mobile marketing procedure is EUR 1,000 for TEXT. It takes around 2000 euros for a video clip MMS campaign. To this are added the price of renting addresses and also shipping costs; In between 24 and 40 cents each call for SMS and in between 51 as well as 65 cents for MMS according to the market gamers (PhoneValley, Screentonic, Watisit …) for 50,000 to 100,000 receivers.

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