Android Tips and Tricks

Discover an easter-egg stashed in your phone.

last couple of variations currently, Android tuck away a little game in its os. Go to Setups > About phone > as well as tap several times on “Android version”. Then try to stay sustained above. So?

Show your contact details on the lock display.

With this little method you can add info on the lock display which can be helpful if you misplace eventually your phone or tablet. To do this, go to Setups > Safety and security > Proprietor Info. It’ll merely inspect ” Proprietor’s contact information on the lock display” and pick the message you want to see displayed.

Quit the application running in the history.

Android allows you understand rapidly that they are running applications. You can then reduce them if you desire. Most likely to Settings > Applications > Ongoing. (” Operating Services” on the version 2. x).

Fine-tune your songs.

vital advantage of being a AndroidOS, you have access to an exact sufficient integrated equalizer that enables you to select presets by music styles and refine these settings on your own as a actual little sound designer budding. As well as if you have a version before 4.1, you can still download and install the app Equilizer that will certainly get the job done just as well.

Invest fashion gallery.

Available with the arrival of variation 4.1 (Jellybean), the Gallery mode allows you to have a look in all your images swiftly. For this simply pinch the screen internal. This mode is likewise convenient for some cleansing as passing your finger from bottom to top, you could erase the image.

Respond to a call with a sms message.

if you are in a meeting as well as you are called, you can not potentially respond to, unless you’re in charge. Or else, Android Store permits you to send out a “no SMS” will certainly comfort your companion without you needing to raise. This alternative offered from variation 2.3 unravels in different ways depending your mobile but the majority of times you will certainly move up the slider call (not on the side as to win.).

Bill the flash material on demand.

If you have actually experienced an iPhone before moving on Android, you should be entirely fufu with all Flash within your reaches. But if your data strategy is restricted, or if your navigation is as well slowed down by flash components that you run into while surfing, you can prefer to loading just a couple of. Go to the innovative setups of the default Android web browser and also opt to enable plug-ins as needed. After restarting the web browser, you will find that Flash videos do not lots yet a tiny arrow shows up. Click to load the web content.

Customize your lock screen.

On Android, there are many means to secure your phone: a 4-digit code, a password, or the points to be connected. Because 4.0, there is additionally a facial recognition system cool sufficient to use. Its initial versions were unreliable (it was enough to take a picture of you before objective to open the phone) but protection has actually been reinforced considering that JellyBean. You discover it in Settings > Safety and security > Display lock.

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