SSD – information

ssd-drivesSSD is on everyone’s lips. This new drive generation are now available at affordable prices and in the future will probably replace the traditional hard drives.

What SSD’s are exactly what are the advantages of this and where any weaknesses lie, explained this article.

There are also product-tips.

What are SSD drives?

In the solid-state drives (SSD) is an electronic storage medium, stored on the computer data quickly and permanently, read and of course can be deleted. It is a replacement for the existing hard drives, which has some important advantages.

Although SSD’s are often referred to as disk drives (as apposed to Flash Storage vs SSD), these have nothing to do with the traditional hard drives. There are no moving parts and the memory type is also vastly different.

The technology itself originates already from the 70s, but has prevailed only in recent years, as prices for ordinary users become affordable.

Compared to hard drives

Compared to today’s conventional HDD SSD’s offer many advantages:

  • Without mechanical parts, the SSD is much faster. This affects both at system boot, as well as in their daily work positively.
  • In addition, the SSD is more rugged than a hard drive. A small fall or the transport makes the SSD’s not much out.
  • SSD’s use less energy than hard drives.
  • There is no noise in SSDs, which is also an advantage.
  • Most SSD’s can be connected to the normal SATA slot, where the normal hard disk was previously off.
  • SSD’s are also available for the PCI Express slot, and there they are again much faster.
  • However, SSDs are still more expensive than their equal HDD counterparts.

However, there was in the last 12 months a significant fall in prices and in the medium term, the SSD will replace the traditional hard drive well.

Benefits for business computers

Just for office computer brings an SSD with many advantages.

Starting the computer is much faster, which go can be a decisive advantage by laptops with the customer. In addition, the SSD is lighter, which is also interesting for laptops. But the programs start much faster than from a hard disk is usually of SSD. Photoshop as is almost immediately because, while previously but had to wait a while. Through SDD, the work accelerated on PC significantly, which of course is also reflected in a greater efficiency. However, currently worth priced rather smaller SDD drives. For this reason, it makes no sense to store large amounts of data on SSD’s.

Instead, the combination has been proven from a smaller SSD for the operating system and the programs and a large hard drive for data.