Snarkarific Ways to Help Defeat Global Poverty

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I can haz yer donashun?

Everyone wants your money, right?  Especially these days since so many people are hurting in so many ways, it’s hard to know where your hard-earned cash will do the most good.  One place we would like you to consider is the Grameen Foundation.  Grameen provides micro-lenders in poor communities access to the capital they need to make micro-loans to women who are working to develop or expand a small business.  In many of the poorest regions in the world, micro business creation is the only way for families to escape poverty and build a better future for their children. Some of their success stories are very compelling.

You can give directly to Grameen by clicking here.

Ooooooorrrrrr, you can do something even better and read on!
As a mindful tourist yourself, you are concerned about international human rights, poverty, yada, yada, yada.  Right now, Grameen is sponsoring a fun way to give and increase awareness about global poverty at the same time.  Their Ingenuity Fund Challenge provides individuals with the opportunity to create their own fundraising pages for Grameen and the most ingenious page will win an overseas field visit to see in person Grameen’s innovative delivery of microfinance and technology services.

Please donate to our page!  Since we sort of don’t like most people (remember this post?) we probably won’t get the most donations, so if you are Mr. or Ms. Social Butterfly, can generate a lot of donations, AND want to go on this trip, create your own Ingenuity Fund Challenge fundraising page.  If you don’t want to go on the trip and want to help us go, please direct your rich and generous friends to our fundraising page, entitled Snarkarific Ways to Help Defeat Global Poverty.

To encourage you to give, we have developed a unique list of possible thank you gifts.  Every donor giving just $20 or more will be able to choose one of the fine prizes listed below:

  1. Guest post on Mindful Tourist
  2. You can be my Facebook friend
  3. Lunch on me at Phoenix Dumpling (must arrange mutually agreeable time to meet in Bloomington,Indiana – don’t hold your breath)

Every donor to give $60 or more may choose from:

  1. A white mug with the Softmed logo on it (while supplies last)
  2. 2009 Peace Corps calendar
  3. Lunch on me at Crepes-A-Go-Go – we recommend the Nutella with bananas and strawberry

And every donor to give $100 or more may choose from:

  1. Mindful Tourist’s “Thank You [Your Name Here] Day” and related post – you choose the date!
  2. DC smart trip card with $1.35 on it
  3. Lunch on me at Breadline

Please forward this plea far and wide, tweet it, facebook it, myspace it.  Then, once you’re done deleting your useless myspace account, look into your cold, black heart, rip open the Velcro on your wallet, and donate to this great cause.  See you at Breadline in March!  (hint, hint)

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3 Responses to “Snarkarific Ways to Help Defeat Global Poverty”

  1. What a great way to bring awareness and do something proactive for global poverty. Thanks for the info!

  2. [...] micro lending program.  It is really quite interesting.  Shadia has her own website called The Mindful Tourist.  As a favor to me I would appreciate it if you would click on her link and read her latest [...]

  3. NICE! Phoenix Dumpling, I’m ordering the Chi Chau Fan


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