Air Jamaica: Ripe for the Snarking

Thursday, May 28, 2009
Graphic credit goes to

Graphic credit goes to

We could have gone to the original source to create a whole new post on this but:

  1. We’re lazy, and
  2. This post is as snarky as we could ever write it

Check out Gadling’s Karen Walrond’s take on the ludicrous new Air Jamaica policy to charge for a bag that may or may not get to your destination while you’re still on vacation.

She employs the popular “but, dude,” the “huh?” and even breaks out the “ooh, wait, I get it.” Finally, Karen ends with the oldie but goody “except for, you know, the part where it doesn’t.”

We’re not making fun – we actually wish we wrote this post – great job, Karen!

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