Resort, Shmesort: Oasis Hamaca, Take 2

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

ashleydupre1As you know, we like Budget Travel magazine. But not even BT can protect you from nasty resorts. In every issue, BT publishes a long list of what they call Real Deals – good package deals on destinations all over the world. Well, remember the Oasis Hamaca, our first Resort Schmesort – and therefore quite dear to our hearts?

On page 77 of the March issue, BT is publicizing a Real Deal to the DR in which the traveler stays at, you guessed it, the Oasis Hamaca. In case you were thinking the reviews on this hotel were just a fluke, let’s take another look to see what has been written on TripAdvisor between when we first published our piece on February 3 and now, only 6 weeks later.

“Stayed in main building which is old, clean room but needs upgrade, fittings all very old… Beach just okay nothing great. Construction is going on for the new extension, didn’t I really want to hear hammering or drilling when on vacation keep this in mind. Location of resort is right in the middle of Boca Chica which is a real dump. My biggest problem was with the IVC which is the Vacation Club, they hound you all day long to go and sit with one of their reps and try and sell you on their vacation package. Tell them this is your last vacation as you’re broke and can’t afford anymore, don’t go with them upstairs to their office. All in all I would not return to this resort.”


“L’hotel est tres belle. Les restaurant a la carte tres bon. Le buffef mediocre. Ma chambre n’était pas a l’hotel un peu loin de la plage, éviter 1e plancher chambre humide. Par contre si vous avez un probleme dans la chambre le service est nul. Toit qui coule probleme de plomberie etc… Un conseil aller voir votre chambre avant de signer car apres vous etes fait. Le personnel de l’hotel a l’acceuille épouvantable comme service 0/10 et je suis genereux. Si vous sortez du site le soir assez dangereux. Beaucoup de protitution et il te lache pas. Attention aux personnes qui se dise quide dans la rue traquenard…La temperature est belle. J’ai bien aime l’endroit. Donc en resume tres bien comme endroit mais ce qui est deplorable de cette hotel est le personnel a l’enregistrement il se foute completement de toi meme si je peux dire il te niaisse tout simplement le reste des employers est tres bien. Aussi la femme de chambre facture inutilement des articles du mini bar pas tres honnete. Je pense pas y aller a nouveau. Bonne chance.”

While we don’t speak French (you don’t think we’re that cultured, do you?), let’s see which words in this post lead us to believe it’s not a rave review:

  • mediocre
  • un probleme
  • le service est nul
  • probleme de plomberie
  • dangereux
  • protitution
  • deplorable

Here’s what Babel Fish gave us:
L’ hotel is very beautiful. The restaurant with the very good chart. The poor buffef. My room n’ was not has l’ hotel a little far from the beach, to avoid 1e floor wet chamber. On the other hand if you have a problem in the room the service is null. Roof which runs problem of plumbing etc… A council outward journey to see your room before signing because after you summers made. Personnel of l’ hotel has l’ acceuille terrible like service 0/10 and I am generous. If you leave the site the rather dangerous evening. Much prostitution and it does not release you. Attention with the people which says quide in the street trap… the temperature is beautiful. J’ have well likes l’ place. Thus in short very well as place but what is deplorable of this hotel is the personnel has l’ recording it foute completely of you same if I can say it you quite simply niaisse the remainder of the employers is very well. Also the chambermaid unnecessarily invoices articles of the mini bar not very honest. I do not think of going there again. Good luck.

Yikes – even worse than we thought. At least the restaurant has a good chart but the fact that the prostitution does not release you is a little troubling.

Case closed.

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2 Responses to “Resort, Shmesort: Oasis Hamaca, Take 2”

  1. Caitlin

    Indeed. Don’t even get me started on the street trap.

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